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Happy Meals Kitchen Super Creator DIY Miniature Set

Happy Meals Kitchen Super Creator DIY Miniature Set

Build a simple, cozy cooking area with the Happy Meal Kitchen miniature kit. The kit has realistic appliances and props for an easy and enjoyable building experience.

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Step into the world of creativity with the Happy Meals Kitchen Super Creator DIY Miniature Set! This charming set is designed to spark imagination and bring joy to young chefs and miniature enthusiasts alike.

Crafted with a solid wood textured dining table and chair, this set exudes a natural and inviting atmosphere that makes playtime even more enjoyable. The well-designed prep table, complete with openable cabinet doors and storage functionality, ensures that all cooking needs are met with ease.

Equipped with a mini microwave and an enlarged, deepened sink, this set offers a realistic kitchen experience on a miniature scale. The unique oven-integrated stove, lifelike steak, exquisite enamel pot, and flexible large refrigerator with open-close features showcase the meticulous attention to detail that sets this kitchen miniature kit apart.

To add to the fun, various pre-made food toys are included, allowing young chefs to get creative and experiment with different culinary creations. Whether whipping up a feast or simply enjoying playtime, the Happy Meals Kitchen Super Creator DIY Miniature Set is sure to inspire hours of imaginative fun for all who engage with it.

What sets this set apart is its innovative design features:

Horizontal & Vertical Stacking: The miniature houses are built with a unique "three boards" structure, equipped with connectors for horizontal stacking, vertical stacking, as well as various combinations like "L" and "Pin" types. This design ensures a solid and stable finished effect, allowing you to create your dream miniature world with ease.

Easy Assembly: No need for coloring or glue! The components come pre-finished, making assembly a breeze. Simply snap the pieces together, peel off the stickers, and fold the cardboard with ease. While glue isn't necessary for assembly, it can be used for added stability if desired.

High Quality & Playable Details: Every piece of furniture is meticulously designed for playability. From removable partitions in the food cabinet to liftable doors on the bucket cabinet, each detail is crafted with care. Enjoy the intricate details like imitation rattan effects and storage spaces that add realism to your miniature scenes.

Ambient Light Set: Elevate your creations with ambient lighting. Each set comes equipped with a concealed battery box placed at the back of the product, resembling an air conditioner. With the touch switch, you can easily turn the lights on and off, while long-pressing allows you to adjust the brightness to suit your scene's ambiance.

Unleash your creativity and bring your miniature worlds to life with the DIYative Super Creator Miniature Set. Whether you're a hobbyist, collector, or enthusiast, this set offers endless possibilities for imaginative play and display.


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- The package includes important information, and please keep it well for future reference.

- Children must assemble under the guidance of adults in case of swallowing.

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Dining Area

This area has a dining table with a wood texture surface and various pretend-to-play food toys.

Kitchen Countertop

There is an openable cabinet, a broader and deeper sink, and a microwave.

Oven-Integrated Stove

It offers a lifelike steak with visible textures, elegant enamel pots, and a spacious refrigerator with flexible opening.

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Horizontal & Vertical Stacking

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Lights up multiple houses simultaneously

1. Dual Type-C interfaces on both ends.
2. Multiple distribution boxes can be connected in series for simultaneous lighting.

Lighting Options

Option 1: Insert into the roof slot (Roof add-ons purchase required)

Option 2: Insert into the floor slot

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