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Rhinoceros Beetle Mechanical Species DIY 3D Puzzle

Rhinoceros Beetle Mechanical Species DIY 3D Puzzle

Experience Nature's Might in Mechanical Form: Rhinoceros Beetle DIY 3D Puzzle

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Introducing the Rhinoceros Beetle Mechanical Species DIY 3D Puzzle - a stunning fusion of nature's design and mechanical ingenuity. Inspired by the majestic rhinoceros beetle, our designers have masterfully crafted a model that embodies the essence of this creature while infusing it with captivating steampunk elements.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, our Rhinoceros Beetle Mechanical Species model features the iconic body shape, formidable horn, intricately designed legs, and majestic wings, ensuring an authentic representation of this awe-inspiring insect. The main body is constructed from durable ABS polymer structure material, providing excellent impact resistance, while the hard wings are elegantly covered with leather. To ensure both durability and realism, the limbs are crafted from soft PVC material, safeguarding the model against wear and tear.

But this model is more than just a display piece - it's a testament to the intelligence and strength of the rhinoceros beetle. Serving as the tactical mastermind of its squad, the beetle's intelligent brain, housed within its core armored horn, swiftly coordinates tactics and delivers mission instructions. Its hydraulic mechanical forelimbs, adorned with orange peel leather armor, and membranous wing heat abstractor not only enhance its battlefield prowess but also provide vital protection against enemy attacks.

Delving deeper into the intricacies of this model, you'll discover eight sets of brass piston connecting rods, meticulously integrated to showcase the engine cylinder running at high speed. Adding to its allure, LED engine indicator lights illuminate the internal mechanical structure, instilling a sense of power and sophistication.

But the true marvel of this creation is revealed when it's activated. Simply touch the activation point atop the custom base, and watch in wonder as the motor springs to life, reaching speeds of up to 1200 rpm. The membranous wings come alive, vibrating at an astounding 618 times per minute, mirroring the movements of real rhinoceros beetles in flight.

Whether you're a nature enthusiast, a steampunk aficionado, or simply a lover of intricate craftsmanship, the Rhinoceros Beetle Mechanical Species DIY 3D Puzzle is sure to captivate and inspire. Bring this mechanical marvel into your home and marvel at the fusion of artistry and innovation.


High quality ABS polymer structural material & soft PVC material



Assembled Size


- The package includes important information, and please keep it well for future reference.

- Children must assemble under the guidance of adults in case of swallowing.

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  • Armoured horn

  • V-type eight-cylinder engine

  • Engine indicator light

  • Hydraulic mechanical forelimbs

  • Tail steam vent

  • Metal etching nameplate

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