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Magic Cello Mechanical Music Box & Music Instruments 3D Wooden Puzzle

Magic Cello Mechanical Music Box & Music Instruments 3D Wooden Puzzle

Wonder at this elegant yet mysterious Cello self-playing its masterpiece!

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Transforming music artwork from the 18th century into a one-of-a-kind 3D Puzzle music box by incorporating traditional elegance and beauty into this Magic Cello design that has always been loved by many. 

The hollow structure of the body shows the intricate internal gear set, a six-petal flower embellished on it, the panel is engraved with a classic European pattern design. It is also interspersed with a number of magic elements, such as magic books, little witches, and cats, giving it a retro and mysterious visual experience. In addition, the base of the magic book depicts the story of the "Father Of the Cello" by Pablo Casals and the main self-playing cello echoes.

Puzzle Pieces

199 pieces

4.5h assembly time


High quality natural eco-friendly wood


Assembled Size

Magic Cello:




Magic Piano:

H:5.5" (14cm)

W: 6.7" (17cm)

D: 4.9"(12.5cm)

Electric Guitar:

H:6.7" (17cm)

W:4.1" (10.5cm)

D:8.7" (22cm)


H:5.7" (14.5cm)

W:3" (7.5cm)


Drum Kit:

H:7.5" (19cm)

W: 5.3" (13.5cm)



H:2.95" (7.5cm)

W: 6.69" (17cm)

D: 3.74" (9.5cm)


H:3.3" (8.5cm)

W:2.8 (7cm)

D:9.1" (23cm)

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Self-playing Mechanism

The winding mechanism moves the bow horizontally from left to right and back again.

Six-petal Flower Gear Body:

Creative body design that's engraved with elegant and romantic patterns. The hollowed out body visually shows the internal multi-stage gear transmission, which makes you feel the wonderful collision of rigorous mechanism and romantic aesthetics.

Mysterious Magic Ancient Book

The vintage brown original wood of the base book depicts a short story of "Father of the Cello" by Pablo Casals, accompanied by 3 magic books stacked behind the Cello with European, mysterious, retro book cover design.

Playing 'Nocturne, Op.9, No.2 in E-flat'.

Perfect Gift

No one would refuse such a creative and wonderful gift! This is more refined than an ordinary handicraft. Buy it as a thoughtful gift for yourself, family & friends and it's guaranteed to be appreciated.

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