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Mole's Apartment DIY Book Nook Kit

Mole's Apartment DIY Book Nook Kit

Step into this tiny world and you'll be swept away by the joy of the Mole's Apartment. Every tiny detail of this tiny world tells a joyful story and creates a joyful atmosphere in the home.

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Step into the enchanting world of Mole's Apartment with our DIY book nook kit! This miniature masterpiece is a testament to creativity, featuring three floors of whimsical charm.

At the top, the arched rooftop floor hosts a lively DANCING PARTY where adorable animals twirl in joy, creating a forest of happiness beneath the serene atmosphere.

Descend to the second floor and discover the COZY BEDROOM, where a dapper mole dons a top hat, preparing for the night's festivities. The vine-like staircase adds a touch of fantasy to this unique world.

On the first floor, join the Delicious Food Party as cuties gather to share delectable treats and create everlasting memories. Every tiny detail in this food-filled haven tells a delicious story.

Immerse yourself in the intricate accessories that adorn each corner, each one bursting with tales waiting to be uncovered. The Mole House is not just a book nook; it's a joyful journey through the lives of charming creatures.

Illuminate your tiny haven with the touch switch LED, casting a warm glow on the delightful scenes. And when you're away, protect your miniature world with the included dust cover, ensuring every detail remains as charming as the day you crafted it.

Bring the magic of Mole's Apartment into your home and let the joyous tales of tiny creatures captivate your heart!

  • FUN DIY EXPERIENCE - This Book Nook comes with all the parts needed to be assembled. You can do this without any experience, the clear illustrated manual will guide you step by step to complete the miniature kit.
  • EXQUISITE DECORATION - This Book Nook is more than just a DIY book corner project,  it's also an exquisite collection and decoration. The miniature world contains wonderful & rich scenes. It brightens the mood every time someone looks at the vibrant corner of the bookshelf.
  • PERFECT GIFT - No one would refuse such a creative and wonderful gift! This is more refined than an ordinary handicraft. In addition to experiencing the fun of DIY, it can also be used as an ornament. Buy it as a thoughtful gift to family & friends and it's guaranteed to be appreciated.


High quality natural eco-friendly wood





Assembled Size


- The package includes important information, and please keep it well for future reference.

- Children must assemble under the guidance of adults in case of swallowing.

- The product requires 2 pieces of AAA batteries.

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All Natural

Made with highest quality of eco-friendly wood to ensure the best outcome everytime. Laser precision wood cutting that is self-assembled without glue, adhesive or any chemicals.

Enjoy Quality Time for Magnificent Results!

Craft your own amazing art pieces without any experience at all with clear illustrated instructions & support.

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