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Vincent Van Gogh's World DIY Book Nook

Vincent Van Gogh's World DIY Book Nook

Return to Arles, France in 1888, and visit Van Gogh at the peak of his creation. Transform your space with a touch of Van Gogh's artistic legacy. Take a journey into the heart of one of history's greatest artists.

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Experience the beauty and wonder of Van Gogh's world with our Vincent's World DIY Book Nook Kit. This exquisite kit allows you to recreate the vibrant colors and unique style of this iconic artist, bringing his masterpieces to life in miniature form. From the swirling starry night sky to the sunflower-filled fields, every detail captures the essence of Van Gogh's artistry.


High-quality wooden parts


H: 9.6" (24.5 cm)

W: 3.1" (8 cm)

D: 7.2" (18.2 cm)


- Dust cover is already included in this kit.

- Battery, alcohol, pigment and glue are not included in the package as it is forbidden on international shipping.

- The package includes important information, and please keep it well for future reference.

- Children must assemble under the guidance of adults in case of swallowing.

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  • Easy Assembly for a Seamless Fit

    Designed for easy assembly, this kit boasts a seamless fit for a smooth and enjoyable experience. Spend less time putting it together and more time admiring your miniature Van Gogh-inspired world.

  • Sensor Lighting & Dust Cover for Protection

    Light up your miniature masterpiece with a sensor light provides a warm, inviting light for 2 minutes. The soft glow enhances the colors and details of your Van Gogh-inspired scene, while the included dust cover protects your book nook from dust and adds a finishing touch to your creation.

  • Ultimate Gift & Home Decoration

    Once completed, this Vincent Van Gogh's World DIY Book Nook Kit makes a stunning addition to your bookshelf decoration. It also makes a thoughtful and unique gift for art lovers and DIY enthusiasts alike.

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Authentic Design

Van Gogh can be seen painting "Starry Night" outside of a charming food shop. This captivating scene adds a unique touch, blending the everyday life of the era with the creation of one of his most iconic masterpieces.

Colorful Wooden Architecture

The book nook features vibrant, 19th Century architecture, meticulously crafted to reflect the colorful and dynamic style of the time. Each miniature building captures the essence of the period, showcasing the unique and lively designs that make Van Gogh's world so enchanting.

"Starry Night" Backdrop

"Starry Night" serves as a stunning backdrop, infusing the scene with its swirling blue hues and captivating stars. This iconic painting sets the tone for the entire display, creating a cohesive and mesmerizing theme. The predominant blue palette adds to the tranquil and dreamy atmosphere, perfectly complementing the intricate details of the Van Gogh-inspired miniature world.

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