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Mechanical Steam Engine 3D Wooden Puzzle

Mechanical Steam Engine 3D Wooden Puzzle

The Age of Steam is back with this classic 3D wooden puzzle by DIYative. This steam engine will surely revolutionize your hobby!

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Introducing the DIYative Steam Engine 3D Wooden Puzzle: a tribute to the transformative era of industrialization and innovation. This meticulously crafted puzzle celebrates the ingenuity of the steam engine, a symbol of progress and connectivity that shaped our modern world.

With its 3-speed control system, flippable sunshade, flame-like light, and turnable steering wheel, the DIYative Steam Engine offers an authentic experience of the original locomobiles. Silicone wheels with flywheels ensure smooth locomotion, while the included 4-wheel trailer adds versatility for transporting cargo.

Assemble this mechanical marvel and witness the evolution of technology firsthand. Perfect for history enthusiasts, puzzle lovers, and anyone who appreciates fine craftsmanship, the DIYative Steam Engine is a captivating and inspiring addition to any collection.

Embrace your creativity and showcase your innovation with the DIYative Steam Engine—a timeless masterpiece that honors the legacy of the steam engine and its impact on society. Get yours today and embark on a journey through history.


High Quality Eco-friendly, Durable, Corrosion-resistant Wood

Puzzle Pieces

469 Pieces



Assembled Size


- The package includes important information, and please keep it well for future reference.

- Children must assemble under the guidance of adults in case of swallowing.

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  • No Gluing, No Cutting

    You won't be needing adhesives or scissors, just your love for crafting.

  • A Look Back at History

    It’s a real symbol of this significant time when inventors flourished and imagination ran limitless.

  • Mechanical Transmission

    The steam engine has a mini motor strong enough to propel the car forward or backward even with a full trailer.

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Three-speed Manual Control

With the gearbox, you can shift to different positions to park or drive the vehicle at various speeds.

Transmission Model

Forward or backward authentic driving simulation

Towed Four wheel Trailer Damping Spring Rods

The 120-degree rotatable trailer, equipped with a damping structure, ensures the protection of goods during transport.

  • Firelight and Smoke Effects

    The chimney and furnace are designed with lights to replicate the combustion process.

  • Self-righting Design

    The model can keep running in a straight line and pass small barriers.

  • Large-torque Miniature Motor

    The hidden motor has a high-efficiency output, ensuring smooth driving.

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